Sunday, September 5, 2010

Making it to Mui Wo

Mui Wo is the next village over from Discovery Bay. Apparently there is a wonderful hiking trail between the two, but we aren't ready to conquer that yet. So how do you get there? It's taken two months and two weekends to figure that out. As with everything, you can't just get a simple answer on Google. But with persistence, you can find the ferry schedule. And with trial and error, you can find the ferry.
The little boat is hidden on the other side of the bay off the regular bus route. It is not part of the regular transportation system, and takes cash only. Also the schedule is not nearly as frequent so you have to time everything perfectly...(Thus the two weekends to time it right)

But what's the big deal at Mui Wo, bikes.... And lots of them.

For the locals, it seems to be their only form of transportation to and from the village. For DBers, it is the SOURCE. The girls have been saving and plotting and pricing all summer. After reading tons of forums, we discovered that Friendly Bikes was the place to go. And so we did-Both decided on Giant brand mountain bikes with matching helmets and locks to ride them to school. The girls were extremely happy with their purchases, especially Madison who just go her very own, new, full-sized bike. No hand-me downs for her this time.

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