Thursday, August 12, 2010

School Supplies, Stationery and Uniforms

We became Discovery College aficionados today. I am pretty impressed that in two hours you can be fully outfitted with uniforms, gym clothes, text books, paper, sketch books and who knows what else - all with the DC logo on it. Yes, even the loose leaf paper is logo-ed!

We cooled off at home with our four sets of uniforms, two sets of PE uniforms, our ton of other supplies; ate lunch (KRAFT mac and cheese with Oscar Mayer hotdogs); then set out for the rest of the STUFF! We had some difficulties learning paper sizes and binders etc. They also use a zipper pouch instead of portfolios like in the US. Three ring binders are also only two ringed and there were a couple other items that the women at the "Pen N Paper" had to swap out for us. (Try and get that service at Wal-Mart)

We'll be back out tomorrow to swap out Madison's bottoms. She ended up with pants, not shorts. We have to still get school shoes, mostly black or white. And the remaining four pouches, they only had 3 in a different style than the 4 we needed!

School starts Monday - don't know who' the most excited....

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