Friday, September 10, 2010


E-Day!This came from today's school newsletter. Sarah's classmates ran the whole thing! FYI- Edwin has MD and is to be out for the remainder of the term. You can maybe spot the girls in the group photo below. Hint: Maddy is wearing a white shirt and orange shorts. Sarah has her hair in braids and is wearing a plaid shirt.

Today showed just how strongly we can all come together and get behind someone we care about! Families baked 100s of cakes, generous donations were made and the school came out in a riot of orange. What started out as a small idea from some of his close friends to support their pal has turned into a giant affirmation from the whole DC community. Over $75,000 was raised in this first round of support.

Three of Edwin's close friends Zac Sang (10YDS), Angus Prosser (10SBR) and Max Carrey (10YDS), who were amongst the initial group who came up with the idea, were amazed at the response. "I was blown away by the generosity shown by everyone." Angus said. Max said "It was amazing to be part of helping a friend in this way." Edwin would like to thank everyone who has contributed. "I am extremely grateful for your efforts, support and generosity" he said in typically humble Edwin style.

All of us wish Edwin the best on his brave an difficult journey over the coming months as he undergoes a series of operations to straighten his spine.

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