Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is "Greige" really a color?

So we think we want to sell the house. It has brought on a whole list of to dos. Fortunately, I have always loved to paint. Color is my friend when it comes to living spaces. However, when it comes to choosing what color will sell your house, the story changes. You MUST NEUTRALIZE rings out on every HGTV show.

It's amazing how you can spend hours studying the complex intricacies of paint colors. I have reviewed real estate columns, read interior design reviews, blogs, and even studied collections on flickr. I finally narrowed my selections down to about 6 "commonly listed" Benjamin Moore colors. (Why you ask, the ACE hardware carries it and is the most convenient to the house!) Upon arrival at our most favorite home improvement store, I discovered that these were all considered "whites". This is really odd, because the lightest one pretty much looked like about a 30% warm grey to me.

Now armed with three samples I went home to spread them in three very strategic spots. No sooner than I had the third color out, the girls came through and clearly declared "number 1" as their number 1 choice. Cedar Key - wonderful name - very simple "color."

I have to admit I am finishing gallon three and have been quite pleased. I hope I can keep the energy up for the big spaces this weekend!