Monday, June 28, 2010

Technical Difficulties

So I was all prepared to post on one of our adventures, but I can't seem to get the pictures off the camera! I had this problem in May. Somehow Dad got it to work. I'll try again tonight with the other computer.

Cameras aren't the only things we have had troubles with. Today I am calling the landlord about a dead AC unit in the living space and waiting for a new remote for our cable TV. We've also had the plumber out twice to fix the guest toilet and the faucet in the kitchen needs tightening!

I could be happy that Tom's tools arrived on Friday with all our other stuff, but again another flaw. Seems that the drill charger, the wii, and the sewing machine will all require a step down power converter to work. Hope we didn't fry them trying!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This train is going out of service

We are "mastering" the MTR this week. Wednesday's adventure included four different trains and a bus to arrive at the IKEA in Shatin. Now each time you get to a train, you have to know where you are going and what is the terminal station on that line. You are looking to see which way you are going while navigating thousands of HKers who are always in a hurry.

Of course we made it with little or no worries, but the return trip was a little more un-nerving. First, it was pushing 5:00 and we had an hour travel time back to the flat. Second, we got to the exit at the Homesquare Mall only to discover it was POURING! It was a good 15 minutes before the locals would start out in the rain and we only had one broken umbrella. After a six hour shopping day and a 20 minute rain delay, we slalomed through the slower walkers for a two block jog to the train station.

Now soaked, we had a standing room only trip back to Lantau Island. We were on the homestretch when the voice on the intercom said "This train is going out of service, please exit at the Tsing Yi stop." Ok, we are one stop away from our shuttle to Discovery, but now we have another 5 minute delay while we wait for another train. All is well but Maddy can't understand why on earth they kicked us all off.

We arrived home one bus behind Tom. I have definitely developed a sense of "si la vie" and we went out for pizza.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where to begin?

I really can't believe that the last three weeks have flown by! I'll give details as we go, but for now I just wanted to say we have successfully arrived in Hong Kong and survived our first week! Tom has gone back to work and us girls are making our way through the nuances of living in a foreign country.

We live in a big fish bowl - The windows are floor to ceiling in our living/dining space and I am sitting here watching the bay disappear into a rain cloud. The rains so far are short lived and if anything provide a few minutes of relief from the stifling humidity! The Wunderground stats to the left don't add the heat index that smothers even us "Southerners!" However, the rainbow ending in our cove must be a good sign.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cancelling accounts

Spending the day canceling accounts. You know all those things we HAVE to have like cable, internet, credit cards for that 10% off on the first purchase. Matter of fact, I am waiting for customer service as I type! I have a crick in my neck and the number 1 key on my phone is about shot. Who thought I could have a totally productive day plopped on the couch!