Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sundays are for church (or temple)

So we were told that Sundays were family days, which we found quite true. The domestic helpers were out and enjoying a day off. And everyone else jammed themselves into the MTRs (subways). This is the one day of the week that is for being together, be it shopping, going to the beach, or visiting your favorite icons. (In this case the Giant Buddha at Ngong Ping.) What an experience!

The 25 minute cable car ride was extraordinary. We floated above the tree tops and dipped in and out of the clouds. We arrived at the peak which was a charming little village looking almost Disney-esque. Only to find it was merchandised much the same! (Who could imagine a Starbucks at the top?!?!?)

The monastery, prayer circle, and Buddha however left us speechless. (Or at least extremely winded!)

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