Monday, December 14, 2009

OMG There is no @#$)&^%* toilet paper!

Caution, this post may not be suitable for all audiences.

So this was it, Tom had a meeting at the SCAD HK offices and I was on my own for the afternoon. I was determined to solo the MTR (subway system) and the ferries. My destination, Discovery Bay. We had lunch together after touring a school, then separated one stop away from my hop off to the piers. Now Tom had warned me, public restrooms were not pleasant experiences. I was however, in need.

No toilet in the restaurant area, nor in the MTR station, now I was at the pier with ten minutes prior to a 30 minute ferry ride. HMMM..... I spotted a public toilet at the Central Pier. Okay, that one was "under maintenance." (Hopefully that means it was being cleaned!) I went to the opposite side - thank goodness it was open!

I proceeded into one of the two stalls that may have put any us highway gas station in highest respect. Did the necessaries, then..... Oh no, no paper. No dispenser. Now what? Thank goodness for the ONE last slightly sweaty kleenex in my purse!

I, of course, finish my duties and go to the sink. Again, no paper, no dispenser. I am perplexed. I look over to what we may find to be a novelty or sanitary dispenser and look closer. The small blue packages in the photo actually had the infamous words "KLEENEX" printed in the appropriate font.

It is clear now - HK$2 (that's $.25 for us) gets you all the paper products you will need!


  1. OMG - TOO funny! Can't wait to hear more stories when you get back... we need to Skype or something! Loving the blog!

  2. I will be sure to get you the little travel size Charmin toliet paper rolls for Christmas! They will be perfect for your purse and you will always be prepared! :-)

  3. That's my daughter. Adventures with Kim and Tom.