Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chinese love to Shop!

Kim and I played tourist today. Turns out this was some sort of Chinese big shopping day. The taxi driver indicated that everyone got 15% to 20% off today. As a result it was very crowded. The entire city is decorated with lights and Christmas cheer and everyone was in the holiday spirit.

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  1. I am greatly impressed with the photos. Are they all taken with the IPhone, or are you sporting a digital camera, as well? It's going to be fun keeping up with the Gattis family on line! Be safe, guys! Kim, your hunk of ultimate chocolate cake is in the freezer at the Foundation office. I thought if I fessed up and told you about saving a piece for you, I'd be less likey to eat it before you get back.....i hope. We truly missed you at the ELizabeth/Monique graduation celebration!