Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Belated Mothers Day Everyone

Happy Mother's Day to all. (So it's late, but according to my mom - everyday is Mother's Day). And I have had that feeling a lot lately. My two teenagers are growing up!

Sarah is my independent soul. As a baby and through kindergarden, I thought she would be my homebody. Not true. She is carefully juggling flute, piano, swimming, coaching 7-8 year olds in triathlon, and about a dozen buddies who are all fighting for her attention. She prefers non-American food, grabbing a bag of dried seaweed and a chocolate soy milk for breakfast or a snack. We have started thinking about college in the broadest of terms. She still struggles on studying music or pediatrics. Always the kid lover though!

Madison also has switched from her pre-school days when she was the commando of the classroom. I have to admit this year she has really come out of her shell and is far more comfortable trying new things. She will eat SOME things that come packaged in another language (especially if it looks like a sweet), although cooked foreign food is a struggle. She also will now sit next to a stranger on the subway, even if we don't sit. She makes plans with her girl friends and heads out on Friday nights. And worst of all, in Mom terms :), she goes to dance parties! Her newest revelation is that she has finally grown into "adult" size clothes. Standing at 4'8.25" she can pull off some of the petite clothes at American Eagle and H&M.

It will be interesting to see what the next year will bring. Maybe, if I can catch them both at the same time, I will post a picture of them. That will be tricky though!

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  1. Wonderful story about three wonderful ladies! Sounds as if you and the girls are really taking good advantage of the HK experience.