Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ten Excuses why I don't blog

It has got to be hard to blog on a routine basis. I really admire the blogs I read on how they continue to keep theirs up. (excuse #1- I'm too busy reading other blogs and websites) It seems that time has really flown by with the girls in school. (excuse #2 - we haven't been anyplace lately)

I have to admit though that the weather is much warmer and Spring Break has arrived. (excuse #3 - I now have a garden on my patio that could bring the building down) the girls have been home this week (yes, #4, even in their teens with full access to public transportation; they still want their Mom's attention). Now Tom is scheduled to be off with us for the next ten days! (okay, can't use that as an excuse til next week!)

I can say that it has been a good month. I have started quilting with Block Lotto and have been working on a new quilt made mostly of Tom's button down shirts (#s 5,6, & 7). I am also working in the school library two days a week.

Being a Library Assistant is fun. I don't stop moving for seven hours, although most of what I do is behind the scenes- re-doing shelving; building giant Shel Silverstein Giving Trees, etc. (#8) It also gets me out of the apartment which has been extremely loud with remodeling other flats in the building! (#9)

Finally, excuse # 10 - I am just lazy!

Until next time....

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