Sunday, January 2, 2011

Red letter holiday

We've made the best of being on the other world for the holidays. And I have to admit we didn't have much to work with. First of all, no one would be visiting from the States. And with an impending accreditation visit, Tom could not get the time off to make a good quality visit back. Second, there is no snow in Hong Kong. Matter of fact, there aren't even temperatures below 50 consistently. Third, I brought nothing Christmas from home -- not even stockings!

So with none of the comforts of home, we set out to make due. First we have always had a real tree, or none at all. An American Douglas Fir could have been purchased, but really who wants to spend that much money on a resource that should not be exported! So artificial would be our new tradition and, of course, we should celebrate the plastic-ness with a different Christmas color (like RED)!

With a few beads, string, and paper, I had probably the cheeriest flat in the block. Not to mention a quilt in the making thanks to a stash of fat quarters shipped from Mom.

It's been fun having it all up, even if Sarah said it "didn't smell like Christmas." But now the New Year has started and it has all come down again. Too bad I couldn't convince Tom that it needed to stay up until Chinese New Year!

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  1. I think the RED tree is GREAT and a keeper for Gattis Christmases in the future! This is how memories are made!

    Happy New Year 2011! We'll see you soon..
    Mom and Dad

  2. Yes! That is a beautiful tree. You certainly know how to improvise in your new diggs! I am also enjoying the girls' Facebook posts. Was very impressed with Sara's photos of her school. My thought was that, in America, kids would be throwing stuff off the balconies!