Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, I can't believe it. Another year has passed. Who sped up our calendars to make time fly so quickly? I certainly didn't ask for it - especially now with our girls. I let them stay out last night to see the "ball drop" from the beach at Discovery Bay. Tom and I of course held the chairs down in the living room. Here's the funny part - we had the better view!

In Hong Kong, the celebration is held in TST, across the harbor from Hong Kong Island where the buildings actually come to life. The fireworks are all pyro technics that are on each of the buildings of the sky line. Pretty cool stuff.

So what's in store for 2011? I can't even predict. This time last year, we were letting the cat out of the bag about this adventure. Now we are six and a half months in and really don't know what to expect as the year unfolds. We are excited though that we get to see and share our experience with our families. Chinese New Year will bring Noni and Poppy and Easter will have a visit from Lala and Pop.

I think my biggest mistake in 2010 was not flooding this blog with more posts. To everyone out there (or should I say anyone) I am sorry. It is my resolution to do more this year.

Have a Wonderful and Prosperous New Year -

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  1. Happy New Year Kim! Glad you got the care package and can't wait to see the updates...