Friday, November 5, 2010

The Kitchen is Closed

An amazing stage has happened in our life. One that as parents I didn't plan on for another year or two. It is Friday night and no one is at home! It is customary to "go to the plaza" on Friday nights. Young and Old alike leave their homes and converge on the 15 or so restaurants at our primary shopping area. So the girls take off in their own directions at about 6:15 and we have three hours of empty nesting.

It's a little different than in the States, where we grew up on HS football games and pizza after. There are no cars involved first of all (which means no teenage drivers or mom chauffeurs). That would be the plus. For the girls, mostly its about going and "hanging out" and eating Subway no less. For the grown ups, we'll go to the Australian pub when Tom gets home and have a bite. Too bad it's drizzling, no eating alfresco tonight.


  1. Darn, I sure wish there was an Australian Pub in Check, VA!

  2. I wish there was one in Big Canoe also! Our pub is okay but it is always nice to have variety without mingling with the roofers and bikers.

    Dad and Mom