Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sarah's first Master's Class

Sarah is in her first Master's class today at the Flute Centre. She is performing as a demonstrator with Susan Milan, Professor of flute from The Royal College of Music in London. There are about thirty kids here and Sarah is the only non-Asian. Fortunately, she gets to second so she's getting the advantage of listening to tips on the piece from the first victim!

The class is working on a piece that they will compete against each other and other schools with in March at the Hong Kong Music Festival. While she desperately misses American competition and the youth orchestra, I know that this is a totally unique opportunity.


  1. Wow, these last three have been very educational for the old Uncle--Imagine what it is doing for you and the girls!

  2. What a fantastic opportunity, to learn from a real master. That sounds like a great time for Sarah.