Monday, September 13, 2010

The "haves" and "have nots"

So many questions come up about the differences in food, clothing etc. I could probably write daily on the topic alone. Seeing how efficient I am at the first blog, maybe his will just be a post within the original for now.

Probably the oddest (but maybe smart) thing is that our water system is split between clean water and grey for the toilets. What makes it odd is that periodically we'll get a message that "there is no toilet service today" or " no potable water today for tank cleaning". So I have to plan my schedule accordingly....

So being a homeowner for so many years prior to this adventure, I can't say when the last time we were without ALL of our toilets at one time. Even when it is one John out, it would have been someone within the household's fault. Really, what are they trying to do to us?

Of course, no one in the house is affected by this inconveniences but me. You know - the one who is at home and should be doing the laundry I avoided all weekend. Oh well we can wear those socks inside out tomorrow.

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