Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Licensed to Travel

Had to be home to sign for a Fed Ex package today. It was our Visas!
Now visas are a tricky thing.
First Tom applied for his. It required a letter of sponsorship from SCAD (to prove he had a job over there), passport numbers, passport pictures, copies of our banking history (to prove we could afford to live there) and who knows what else. Next we had to wait until we were in the "window" (you can not apply too soon or too late). Sarah, Madison, and I all needed to basically go through the same steps. This time Tom is our sponsor, but all the other hoops had to be repeated. And voila!, four weeks later we receive these little stickers to put in our passports.
While I am on my third passport in the last twenty three years (each one gets a little more hideous), this is my first visa. I hope that our girls are getting as excited as we are.

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