Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Book of Lists

  1. I feel like I am preparing a new version of this all time favorite classic of non-sense. Every day I am preparing a new "list." When moving over seas, it is important to stay organized and on task. Thus, the importance of the list. However, now I need a list of lists! There are:

things to do before the last day of work

things to tell my replacement at work

things I should blog about

medical visits, immunizations and records

clothes to buy

people to see

"CRAP" to sell

"More CRAP" to buy

and it goes on. Fortunately, I got through an important list today. The list, "what to ship to Hong Kong" was months in the making. It was in my head, on paper, on another sheet of paper (lost the first one), on yet another sheet of paper (Second one went to HK with Tom), spread all over my dining room, inventoried in detail in my journal, written on the bill of lading, and filed with the shipping company's insurance. Now that one list has become a check mark on yet another LIST!

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