Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I've locked my keys in the closet

How do you explain this one to the locksmith? It is, however, logical in Hong Kong. In every apartment every door has a keyed lock. I had asked my realtor about this when we came last year. It is done so that you can restrict access to parts of your flat from the hired help. (Again reason number #497 on why we don't have a helper) Why should you hire someone - and let them live with you - if you can't trust to clean your house?! But back to the point, my storage/coat closet accidentally got locked during a clean out yesterday. Now Tom and I can not get to the set of keys that opens all of the doors and more importantly, our coats. The good news is I hadn't put my purse away last night. The bad news is I can't read a phone book to find the locksmith.....

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