Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Happy Ending" Haircut

Okay boys, not quite that risque, but it was good! For the past five or more years I have always had the shop owner as my stylist. I have loved the attention and quality of customer service, but I can't say I have been going to the salon for my cuts. Yesterday I learned the difference. I wanted a haircut, after all we have been here for well over a month and with it short it doesn't last six weeks.

I called down to the new salon behind the Wellcome (Kroger for us Americans). I asked for a haircut with their first available stylist. (They heard the available first stylist. Prices vary according to tenure) I got an appointment within the hour with Matt, one of the owners.

Now Matt has a shampoo boy that gave me a scalp massage that lasted longer than my normal haircut slot! And the shampoo chairs were actually comfortable. Instead of that God awful crutch that supports your entire bowling ball by your neck, there was a platform. My head was actually bearing the weight and my neck was relaxed.

Then Matt took over. I probably couldn't say much, because I was absolute putty after the shampoo! Native HKer trained in the UK, he has a pretty good grip on finer, curlier hair than the locals. He offered me a drink (no I didn't accept and it probably wasn't a Belini), but the customer service was impeccable. He took his time and snipped and fluffed for another thirty minutes. Now I am fighting to keep my eyes open....

I am certain that was the most I have paid for a haircut ever - $350HK. Too, bad it was raining. What an awesome cut and do. I guess it won't look the same til I see him again.

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