Saturday, May 29, 2010

And then she gave away the dead pansies....

Over the years I have had some infamous yard sales. There was the one where I sold just enough stuff to buy a new TV. (I believe that was $327 to be exact) Then the one in Belmont before we moved into our first purchased home was remembered for me selling the flowers right out of the front flower beds. But I think this one has to be in the record books too.

Someone said you can't have a yard sale on Memorial Day weekend. What were they thinking? We had our largest crowd yet!

From 7:15 to 10:57 the driveway was packed! Mom and Dad thankfully helped haul, hustle, and negotiate the sale of just about everything that had made it's way onto a list or into a pile. Now it might be awkward tonight sitting in the living room with no lamps or a rug, but the satisfaction of knowing we have made a huge dent in the gobs of stuff is wonderful!

Of course, the climax is when you sell the pond out of your yard. Three fish included! I really am wondering how we are going to do this. How do you move a 8 ft. dinghy that has been settling for years in the front bed. It has about 100 lbs of gravel in it too!

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